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Formed in February 2000 as a Division of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the Maritime Arbitration Group has the specific aim of the promotion of the development and use of Maritime Arbitration and Mediation in Hong Kong. Other aims include the encouragement and fostering of a spirit of friendly collaboration amongst its members and with members of similar institutions or other professional bodies, and the facilitation of the exchange of information and ideas in relation to maritime arbitration and mediation.

Membership of the Maritime Arbitration Group is subject to approval by the Group Committee and is open to any individual interested in Maritime Arbitration and with commercial or legal experience in maritime fields and an understanding of the arbitral process.

A list of members and their details is available for download below, from which parties are able to select one or more arbitrators to hear their dispute. The list does not supercede the Panel maintained by the Centre, and appointments of arbitrators from the list remain at the risk of the party making the appointment. The list does, however, provide the industry with a source of experienced maritime professionals with experience also in arbitration matters.

Also available below is a list of Mediators accredited by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and with Maritime experience.

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Last updated 1st May 2019

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Last updated 1st Mar 2014

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The Maritime Arbitration Group Booklet >>

The Maritime Arbitration Group has produced a booklet to better explain Maritime Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong. English and Chinese versions of the booklet can be downloaded from the following links.

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